America Hardware Chart, 08th Mar 2008

America Hardware Sales - 03/08/08

DS - 102,677
360 - 80,933
PS3 - 71,730
PSP - 71,147
Wii - 69,801


American + European Hardware Sales Total - 03/08/08

DS - 233,708
PS3 - 146,976
Wii - 143,423
360 - 125,595
PSP - 116,359
PS2 - 97,014

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Blademask3969d ago

They must be packaging Bluray movies with games or something? NPD's gunna hurt some feelings.

sonarus3969d ago

great month for X360. I think sony discontinuing the 80GB ps3 is hurting them in the long run. I don't play ps2 games anymore so backwards compatibility is essentially useless to me however its still a nice feature to have. I think then need to re introduce the 80GB.

Blademask3969d ago

Dude above me....

Its never been CLOSER for the PS3. These things all used to be 10000:1. but now, the 360 is doing well? HAH.

sonarus3969d ago

lol my philosophy is there is no 2nd place or 3rd. one console comes first everyone else last. So i am looking for ps3 to eventually surpass the wii and to do that they need to start leaving it in their dust. Sales need to pick up in JP as well.

Breakfast3969d ago

At what point do people stop caring about these friggn numbers?

barom3968d ago

When PS3 is on top.

Which means soonish. At most the end of the year

mikeslemonade3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

80GB with Motorstorm is discontinued. 80GB with GTP and MGS4 is coming.

dantesparda3968d ago

Sonarus, if you dont believe in 2nd or 3rd place, then the DS came in 1st in boh regions and the PS3 beat the 360 on a worldwide basis. Or does only America count? and even there, the 360 isnt 1st

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Danja3969d ago

whats going on here the Wii is the worst selling console of the week....what are the pplz over at VGchartz smoking....

this list is so inaccurate in so many ways...i bet the PS3 outsold the 360 again but VGcharts deflated those figures

TheMART3968d ago

Americans see how last gen tech crap the Wii actually is at last while many world wide still buy the thing, which catches dust soon after...

derseb3968d ago

Europeans see how last gen tech crap the 360 actually is at last while many world wide still buy the thing, which catches dust soon after...

AngryTypingGuy3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

The 360 outperforms the PS3 in terms of graphics, texture and framerate, and you're calling it last gen? What does that make the PS3?

By the way, please explain how the console with the highest attach rate (due to having the best game library) collects dust.

Harry1903969d ago

and wii play top of the list with more than 200 000
copies sold.that's fishy.doesn't this come only in bundles now.
psp doing as good as in japan.

3968d ago
TruthBTold3968d ago

carefull how you make your comments pinky, you should try moving to the open zone cause you're not the type that should be in the gamer zone

callahan093968d ago

Just so you're aware, Pinky, the Xbox 360 was outsold by the PS3 throughout the world, as is usual. So what are you talking about? 360 barely outsells PS3 in USA and UK, but the PS3 more than makes up for that in Japan and Europe. In fact, even without Japan (where the PS3 typically outsells the 360 by anywhere from 5-7:1) the PS3 outsold the 360, that's only counting North America & Europe. If the 360 wants to keep up with the PS3 on the worldwide level, those price cuts they just made for the European region better damn well increase their sales by a lot.

Obama3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Impressive number for the ps3.

Mr Playboy3968d ago

PS3 is also listed as a blu-player

ruibing3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

@Mr Playboy
Alright fair enough, but this is why the PS3 has more appeal for casual gamers and Wii-owners. It offers a complete next gen multimedia experience. Just like how the PS2 beat Dreamcast, though it was released a year earlier, thanks to DVD playback back then.

Jeanne3968d ago

Here are the real NPD numbers for January:

PS3 = 260k
360 = 200k

Here are the made up vgchartz 'numbers' for January:

PS3 = 248,402
360 = 318,035

PS3 -12,000
360 +118,000

That's a 130,000 inflation for the 360's numbers just for one single month in just one of the three major territories.

mighty_douche3968d ago

Got a source for the NPD numbers to back-up your arguement? Kind of don't have a leg to stand on unless you provide one.

The gaming GOD3968d ago

Ok granted, I am a sony man

However, when people used to say vgcharts inflated 360 numbers while at the same time deflating ps3 numbers, I thought it was just fellow sony fans being upset.

BUT after that January stunt vgcharts pulled, I can say WITH CONFIDENCE that yeah the really DO up play 360 and downplay ps3 at vgcharts.

I had never believed that UNTIL January

The gaming GOD3968d ago

Not the upcoming february ones. Those numbers are indeed facts for January. In fact, they've already been posted right here at n4g last month. Just use the search engine

mighty_douche3968d ago

Thank you mate (still easier for him to just stick on a link)

skillshot3968d ago

Stop whining about a free service.

season0073968d ago

i bet you will enjoy it huh=) no complain for free stuff

Bebedora3968d ago

@season007: I laught hard. Best comment ever. +bubble

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