Toys R US Giving Away 25,000 Wii

Toys R Us teamed up with Deal Or No Deal and is giving away Wii consoles to 25,000 entrants. If you want a free Wii, time to start hoarding those game pieces!

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HyperBear5899d ago

Its an American Only Contest. JESUS CHRIST. When will they have a contest up here. Americans get fricken everything for free and we end of paying for it. You americans always get the goods first, and we get whatever is left. Well, I guess all we can do is wait and see if we ever get a contest.

Optimus Prime5898d ago

no duh. we never get any contests ever. Oh well i wont buy one ne ways. i would rather win a ps3 instead of a wii if there is a contest.

willymcd5899d ago

sucks to be canadian! well at least in the deal or no deal sense, haha... i am going to go to toy r us this afternoon and win me a wii!!!