Microsoft's Early Next-Gen Entrance, Did It Work?

"November 22, 2005… the day we all stepped into the "next-gen" of gaming. We all remember that day, don't deny it. The day had been hyped since early leaks and that fabulous MTV worldwide premier. It was all building up; the hype was monstrous, bigger than ever before! On November 22, the hype was in the bag… AND WE ALL HAD THE BAG!"

Read on for some great reasons why the Xbox 360 would have been better off if it was released later.

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orange143963d ago

Hopefully at least one person can find this interesting... :(

sonarus3963d ago

correct me if i am wrong but i really don't see the big deal with this whole lack of hard drive. Its essentially like the n64 expansion pack needed to play perfect dark and some other games. Essentially all msoft has to do is release a 5GB HD for sale for like 40 bucks. I may be wrong though maybe core consoles can't use hard drives at all

HeartlesskizZ3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

yep good read but you know what I think?....

I think that we could have still be playing XBOX and PS2 up today with out X360 and PS3 until 09 and that way we could of have more games by launch and 0 to minimum delays on release dates...

09 could have been a perfect year for both 360 and PS3... Wii perhaps?

is just what I think but what do you think?

Adamalicious3963d ago

I think that in these modern times in which we live releasing a gaming console with absolutely no integrated storage is just silly - especially when in the previous generation they were the only one that HAD it. At the very least build enough in for game saves for goodness'-sake - memory cards FTL, for serious.

mikeslemonade3963d ago

A 5gb HDD wouldn't be any cheaper because it isn't about the space anymore it's about making the principle mechanism of what is a HDD.

I think 360 came out at the right time. If 360 came out a year later with the hd-dvd built in and priced the same as the PS3 then the PS3 would win easily. 360 loses either way but here atleast they gain mindshare and market share so they can compete and possibly win the generation after this.

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orange143963d ago

Cores can have hard-drives, but they are sold for like $100.

Meus Renaissance3963d ago

If it was released a year later, it would be behind Sony and Nintendo in sales. Microsoft made the correct strategic decision in my opinion.

Storm233963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

For a decision based purely on sales, yes, you are right. But the sales would be more than they are today if the hardware was not faulty in the beginning. I agree with you that they would be behind if released the same year but now xbox owners are paying for the decision to come out early.

I think it worked for them in the short run but will hurt them in the end.

The Lazy One3963d ago

So where do you think they would have made the extra 9 million sales? If PS3 and 360 came out at the same time, brand loyalty would have come into play a lot more on those first 9 million people.

There's no way sales would be as high as they are today. Once price drops hit and new more reliable boxes come out, the 360 will be fine, and still have that 9 million box headstart.

jwatt3963d ago

The Lazy-one I completely agree with you, if both systems would have realeased at the same time the sales would be alot different. They had a whole year of no competition and it was the best thing M$ could do.

Storm233963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

I think you are replying to me.

What you are saying is exactly what I said. They came out early and this was great for them in the short term to get those 9 million people to buy their product. I also said if the consoles were reliable from the beginning, I think they would have had an even bigger second year.

It helped them a lot for the two years to come out first, but now I believe it is hurting them more than benefiting. They took advantage of being the only console available and of the PS3 struggling to find it's feet, but now from a hardware standpoint of being prepped for the future, PS3 has it beat with the inclusion of a hard drive and a blu-ray drive.

The Lazy One3963d ago

So they could be holding onto second like they are now, or they could be struggling in third. Decisions decisions.

360 is on pace to easily beat the original xbox, and will take away a huge portion of Sony's marketshare. That's not even mentioning that it's actually profitable. That sounds pretty successful as it is now.

LastDance3963d ago

arent they sales on par with the original xbox hardware wise?

BigJeebz083963d ago

I don't think it will have much impact on Sony's Market share, and more importantly how is it profitable shelling out over a Billion $'s in warranty extensions and repairs?

kevin11223962d ago

lazy, they are profitable. They had one quarter that was profitable, they still have to make up the billions they lost before they can be profitable.

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Asurastrike3963d ago

I honestly didn't know there was a new Xbox until Gear of War launched. Great game.

Mycococo3963d ago

me too, well at least thats when i noticed it