Luigi, Luffy Ride High On Japanese Sales Charts, Vita Steady (Media Create)

GR analyzes: "This week, its total sales numbers remained impressive, probably thanks to a number of games being released for it. They were ports — One Piece, Meruru, Dead or Alive 5, Pro Baseball Spirits — but at least it was something, and in a country where portables have taken over, handheld ports add significant selling power."

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dbjj120882032d ago

The Year of Luigi indeed.

Andreas-Sword2032d ago

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 (PS3) coming in August to Europe.
Day 1 buy!

TongkatAli2032d ago

Congrats for Animal Crossing, that thing has the legs of a supemodel.

DivineAssault 2032d ago

Not bad for nintendo & sony.. That price cut helped vita a lot considering they were only managing to sell around 8k untis monthly & now its around 40k.. 3DS is still on top but vita isnt too far behind em in monthly sales anymore.. I cant wait to see what happens when ppl see what vita does in combination with PS4.. If sony keeps pumping out games for vita as well as start making all PS4 games have vita funtionality, it will no doubt rise even further in monthly sales... Nintendo has the handheld community on lock down so i must give em credit where credit is due.. Now that wii u... smh

profgerbik2032d ago

Cool how about you make that localized version then since it has been doing so well.

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