Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - New features trailer

Ubisoft published a new Tom Clancy´s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 trailer. Enjoy.

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heavyarms3963d ago

Game of the year for sure. The was the best trailer i've seen. A must buy for sure.

joydestroy3963d ago

lookin good, lookin good.

pre-ordered mine already. will actually have it in my console on the 19th! woohoo!

Guwapo773962d ago

Oh yes...they touched up the graphics on it nicely.

I must say the video quality is a lot better than the other videos I've seen recently. 10 days and counting...

spandexxking3962d ago

man i just preordered this game. i'm not gonna move from my ps3 for like a solid month. hope they bring back calypso casino, that map is the best one ive played in any online shooter!

spandexxking3962d ago

im sorry guwapo but no. no other map drew me in like calypso casino, the intense elavators/keno room/back stairs/vault room/rooftop shoot-outs what made that game imo. im gonna have to go play some vegas now!

Guwapo773962d ago

Heheh alright bro you win! *winks*

LSDARBY3962d ago

I hope theyve done a good job of the ps3 version.

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