The Bourne Conspiracy Hands-on Preview

UGO writes: "Rooted in the mythology of Robert Ludlum's Bourne series of novels, The Bourne Conspiracy is both an adaptation and expansion of the events depicted in the first film. Players take control of Jason Bourne (sans star Matt Damon's likeness) as he attempts to uncover his true identity. The events of the film are interspersed with a series of playable flashbacks which run through some of the trained killer's earlier days, when he was the hunter rather than the hunted.

In order to properly realize the late author's fictional world, High Moon and publisher Sierra Entertainment enlisted the aid of Tony Gilroy. Gilroy was the screenwriter on all three of the films and is nowadays considered the architect of Bourne's future. The writer was instrumental in helping High Moon craft a narrative which falls both factually and tonally in line with the source material.

The developer also brought in Bourne series veteran Jeff Imada, the architect of the character's unique style of fighting and fight stunt coordinator on the latter two films. Imada's presence is definitely apparent in the game's hand-to-hand combat mechanics. Bourne's reliance on trusty weapons is minimized completely, with combat revolving primarily around punches, kicks and the occasional weaponized environmental element."

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The lack of Matt Damon's likeness = Me no likey.