Countdown: Top 10 Videogame Deaths

This ScrewAttack video counts down what they feel are the top 10 ways to die in videogames. Obviously this list is subjective, and there many more than 10 awesome ways to die, so I want to hear from other people on what should have also made the list.

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kmis876343d ago

Here's one that I might consider. Anyone remember Phantom, that giant spider from Devil May Cry? His death was awesome. Also, from that same game, Griffon's death.

mephixto6343d ago

When Kratos get impaled by Ares in God of War that's is how ahero must die hehe


Russia Appears To Be Using Its Army of Trolls To Peddle Its Version of Esports

The infamous Russian army of trolls appears to be involved in a massive spamming operation to promote the embattled country's version of Esports via a massive gaming tournament backed at the highest levels of the government.

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Documentary TerrorBytes Delves into the Annals of Gaming Horror

TerrorBytes: The Evolution of Horror Gaming is an exciting new documentary series from the creators of First Person Shooter.

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Hairstyles In Video Games Really Need To Improve

For a while, hairstyles have been lacking in video games. From the rugged buzzcuts of every space marine in existence to that borderline stereotypical dreadlock fade developers are now giving to every black character, it’s time for video games to pay a visit to a stylist.

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BrainSyphoned13d ago

There were hairstyles in elden ring? Didn't notice as I was too busy enjoying the game to get out my microagression bingo card.

CrimsonWing6912d ago

What’s wrong with character hairstyles? There’s such a variety of unique designs, what in the hell do you want?

Michiel198912d ago

the fuck is he talking about? You're free to become a digital artist yourself and create new and refreshing hairstyles for women and black people......

DragonBuster12d ago

Already done in Dragon Ball Z games.
SSJ3 Goku has the best hairstyle.