Crystal Chronicles for NDS includes New Copy Protection Scheme "Square Enix's Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, which shipped to North American retailers today for the Nintendo DS, includes a new copy protection scheme that attempts to discourage users from running an unauthorized copy of the game on certain DS flash cards."

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Somnus5489d ago

What an ugly, ugly site.

InYourMom5489d ago

I can't argue with that. It get's some decent PS3 news but the site there needs work. More ad's than substance.

Interesting to see Nintendo shaking up the pirates. Nintendo has always went after piracy on their platforms vigorously.

Wonder how long it will be before someone breaks it?

x3sphere5488d ago


If you are going to copy my content then better link to the original source.

InYourMom5488d ago

for not linking to the original source of the story. I see it is now fixed and thanks to whoever fixed it. I looked for a better source on PS3News but I did not see it.