Rainbow 6 Vegas to support the Xbox Live Vision camera

Ubisoft has confirmed today via a press release that the upcoming first person shooter, Rainbow 6: Vegas will include support for the Xbox Live Vision camera. You'll be able to use the Xbox Live Vision camera to scan your face into the game and take your custom character online. This isn't the end of the customisation however, you'll also be able to choose weapons, clothing and camouflage to really personalise your character.

The Xbox Live Vision camera launches in two weeks in Australia and the camera is already available in the UK. Other games to support the camera include the two Xbox Live Arcade titles, Uno and Texas Hold 'Em. We'll have a preview of Rainbow 6: Vegas up shortly, so stay tuned to PALGN for the latest news regarding the game. Rainbow 6 Vegas will also be coming to the PSP and the PlayStation 3

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amazing stuff! face scaning!


Boink5892d ago

the face masking was crazy...I couldn't believe how accurate it was.

OutLaw5892d ago (Edited 5892d ago )

Here is some images to Rainbow six.

It shows how the camera works with the game.

JPomper5892d ago

old story but good stuff none the less