Remember Me Knows How A Demo Is Done, Watch Almost Ten Minutes Of It

Super PolyPixel - Capcom had many games playable at PAX East over the weekend. One of the most prominent was Remember Me, even going so far as to hire someone to play the main character, Nilin. One of our new writers was able to play it and we’ll be sure to have impressions up this week. But for now here’s almost ten minutes of gameplay.

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landog2056d ago

looks mediocre, stiff animations, boring combat, but the story does seem intresting, worth a rent

djthechamp242056d ago

Battlefield 4 looks mediocre,same animations, same gameplay, but the story does seem somewhat intresting, worth a rent doe.

DigitalSmoke2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

BF4 is an ONLINE shooter, the SP gets focus from dweepies.


This game only sees the day of light because she's a girl, thats hip these days...

Heavenly King2056d ago

the main character design needs to change. Right now it sucks. if it gets better I could get interested in the game.

boing12056d ago

Does absolutely nothing for me.

sparta762056d ago

Depends on the reviews for me. I like it, just hope is good.

SOULJER2056d ago

Copy and paste alot of uncharted a little of batman. Plus bladerunner.