Derwent Howard, Future Split Confirmed

Kotaku writes:

Yes, it's official folks. Derwent Howard released a statement yesterday that includes the gory details. Sadly, I'm not privy to the statement itself, but IT media news site ITJourno has extracted everything we need to know. Again, I'd provide a direct link, but the site is only accessible to registered IT journalists.

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TrevorPhillips3965d ago

everyone in industries are leaving lol

TrevorPhillips3965d ago

they should just stick with there company

power of Green 3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

LOl a person that has a 360 gamer tag that acts like a PS3 fanboy. lol Always posting in your own threads wasting all your bubbles talking to yourself.

WHO's gamer tag are you useing?.

gambare3965d ago

I found hard to believe that you attack your own people, I guess you have something wrong in your head.

Electronic Arts3965d ago

What's derwent howard? And do you think I could buy them with 10 million dollars?

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