Sidequest Studios to Release Soldner-X on PS3

"Hong Kong based publisher of interactive entertainment, today announced platforms for their upcoming video game Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer (URL: The title is targeted for release on PlayStation®3 (via PS Network) and PC"

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ErcsYou3965d ago

this story is from aug 2nd, 2007... the PC version is already out... still waiting for my PS3 version.... old news

socomnick3965d ago

ooo wow soldner is that one battlefield knockoff that sucked really bad right. Expect a two worlds type of situation. It will get some hype and then will bomb horribly.

Sevir043964d ago

in the lines of R-type and Gradius. if you haven't seen the trailer here it is

and it's for PC and PSN