Mass Effect DLC to cost PC Gamers Extra?

Gameplayer are reporting that BioWare has hinted that PC gamers will be required to buy the extra DLC made available to Xbox 360 owners, which has not been th case in other games, like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

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JoelR3962d ago

After reading the article - no where does it say that they won't add it to the PC game pack free. What it does say is that they are looking at their options.

That said - this is an EA company now so it seems logical that pay per expansion may be the case.

InYourMom3962d ago

Why should PC owners get free what 360 owners have to pay for??

Sounds like a catch 22, people are going to be mad on either side no matter which way you go.

SlappingOysters3962d ago

it is being considered has got to be worrying for PC gamers. Especially now that MS are trying to make us pay to even play games online.

InYourMom3962d ago

As far as I know Using Windows Live is free multiplayer and only cross-platform play will cost?

Not sure, I think MS is beating a dead horse trying to get PC gamers to pay for online. Ain't gonna happen.

gogators3962d ago

has nothing to do with MS and what they do with their console. Go and take your comments to the open zone.

That being said, EA has the right to do what they want with future DLC and consumers don't have to buy it. If you don't like what a company does with their business practices, then don't buy their products.

SlappingOysters3962d ago

I am just saying that the PC market is jumping on many of the frustrating business models of the next-gen consoles. Paying for DLC which used to come down in patches is what EA is examing.

MS on the other hand are trying to bring the Live subscription service to PC. I heard that Universe at War can only be played online if you have a gold membership to Live. What a joke!

Wasn't talking about MS's console dude, just their PC dominance.

gogators3962d ago

then that is their business decision. I will choose not to support that decision by giving them none of my money. DLC is different from what is generally a patch. Companies charging for DLC is not something new and just because all three console makers have systems that allow them to offer DLC, doesn't mean that this is the new trend of gaming. Consumers always have the final say.

If you think companies like EA will start releasing non-completed products thus forcing you to buy the DLC, then speak with the power of your wallet.

TheIneffableBob3962d ago

Didn't Bioware say, at GDC, that the DLC would be bundled in with the core game in the PC version?

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