Newsweek: The Cory Barlog Interview, Part II

Newsweek writes: In Part I of our multi-part Q&A with videogame director Cory Barlog, he explained how he met and clicked with Australian writer-director George Miller (of "Mad Max," "Babe" and "Happy Feet" fame), told us why he felt he had to leave Sony Computer Entertainment, and ducked our questions about his first videogame project with Miller. In Part II, he takes us deeper inside his decision to part ways with his previous employer and why he feels that the dominant employer-employee model under which most videogame directors labor is in dire need of change.

Q: I know you can't really get into specifics, but what are you doing right now? What constellation of things, generally speaking, are you working on now?

A: Writing, finishing up some work on some script stuff.

Q: Game script stuff or movie script stuff?

A: Kind of a combination of both. There's movie script stuff and then there's some game script stuff. A lot of it is just meeting with people, because it really is kind of a fresh thing, my departure. So a lot of it now is just connecting with people who I've either met through various conferences or people who've seen my work and they're just wanting to get together and hang out and see where that goes. And then there's some preparation of design docs type stuff; throwing around concepts, meeting with Eric and kind of brainstorming some stuff and refining things.

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