Condemned 2: Bloodshot reviewed by 1UP

It seems innocent enough. A deserted factory where a legion of workers once spent hours crafting dolls. Boy dolls, girl dolls, all adorable. And relentless. (Apparently, 30 years of neglect has that effect on them.) When former investigator (now hobo-looking alcoholic) Ethan Thomas' mission takes him to the decrepit Walker Doll Factory, he encounters a small army of munchkins hell-bent on giving him a ka-boom-boom surprise, utilizing kamikaze tactics and surprising speed when on all fours. Getting out of there quickly becomes a high priority.

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Lifendz3966d ago

that's a great score. That's a "you can buy this game in peace" score. Glad to see it got AAA. Can't wait to rent it. That's right, I'm renting it. Not because I doubt it's good but because I bought 3 games recently and can't splurge on games for a while....or at least until GTA4.

Statix3966d ago

Agreed that it's a AAA-category score. This game is ranked among the best.

Clinton5143966d ago

but I never had the chance to. Looks like I'm going into this one fresh.

LegendKillar3966d ago

if your going to buy the 2nd game, circuit city is giving the first game away for free when you purchase the 2nd game.


Damn, I'd already own this game if the stupid PoS TurdStation didn't get delayed which confused me into thinking both were delayed to get a simultaneous release. Now why didn't Rockstar just only delay the PSturd version and let us true gamers play our game?

damn, tomorrow it is then.

WIIIS13966d ago

Rockstar is too sympathetic to the sensitivities of the Turd lovers if you ask me. They'll quickly learn that spending all those resources developing a game for the inferior gaming console was a waste of time and money because the Turd lovers only watch movies these days.

Big Jim3966d ago

Did this get delayed until May? I seem to remember it getting delayed, but I'm not sure.

Tetsuryu3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Only the PS3 version is getting delayed by a week due to duplication issues stated by SEGA recently. The 360 version should be out by now. This applies to the North American release as far as know. Not sure about the other regions though.

jackdoe3966d ago

Europe is delayed to April 4th I believe. And I do not think stores have it yet as Sega only announced that they shipped the game to retailers today (along with their surprisingly, not even last minute cause it is on the DAY of release, week delay of the PS3 version) so it should be there sometime this week.

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The story is too old to be commented.