What's next for Nintendo's best?

GamesRadar writes: "Each of Nintendo's franchises is weighed down with sequels that deliver a teaspoon of new content amidst gallons of familiar fan service. This pandering ensures the devoted legions happily slam down money for the latest re-imagining of Link, Pikachu, Fox or Samus despite the overall similarity to the previous game. You love it, we love it, but after seeing crowning achievements like Twilight Princess and Prime 3, we can't help but wonder "what do you do next?"

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tatotiburon3965d ago

i want a new sequel for Star Fox, but with a gameplay like Star Fox 64, i didn't Like Star Fox Adventures

I Call 9MM3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

You know, I kind of like the whole metroid idea. Raise the fear factor and the like. You would have to make it M-Rated though, and oh oh, all the little kiddies can't play it anymore. Personally, I would love a concept like this, it would be something new for Nintendo to try and do and it would really push metroid into a new direction. Great idea. Survival Horror metroid, could work.

The Zelda idea, err..., well advancing to a different time period might not be such a bad idea. Ditching the medieval setting could work, but I wouldn't go too far ahead in time. Maybe something equivalent to our renaissance or the early days of the industrial age. Something akin to the setting of Final Fantasy VI or IX perhaps would work, in a Zelda world of course. Pretty much every Zelda game is a stand alone adventure anyway (you try figuring out that convaluted sequence of which game takes place when in the series and tell me you don't get a headache from it). Could work, but Link carrying around a revolver or something, err..... Wait and see.

Star Fox idea sounds dumb, so does pokemon (but like I ever cared about the last one).

BrotherNick3964d ago

You guys wouldn't buy it anyways, all the hardcore cares about is graphics. Maybe just bring out one or two IPs, maybe one that competes with online gaming shooters...the wii controls if set up right can own analogs...don't believe me try Metroid Prime 3.

WIIIS13965d ago

Every console has their share of great great games:-

Nintendo - Zelda, Super Paper Mario, Super Mario Galaxy, Zack and Wiki, No More Heroes, Brawl, Metriod 3, Wii Sports + countless others.

Xbox 360 - Bioshock, Halo 3, Mass Effect, Forza 2, PGR, Dead Rising, Saints Row, Lost Odyssey, Gears of War, Dead or Alive 4, Virtua Fighter 5 + countless others.

PS3 - Uncharted.

Not the Face3965d ago

i heard retro is making a first person zelda game in one of surfer girls posts for what its worth. i happen to think that would be great especially with retros touch on graphics and music they could make a harder core ze;da!! i cant wait to see if this is infact true.

ChickeyCantor3964d ago

zelda game in FP perspective sounds WRONG.
Retro makes awesome games but i really don't want them making a zelda in first person will be nothing but oblivion.

Blank10173965d ago

Zelda - no, this is dumb. Fullfill your jedi link fantasy on your own time, but I do agree with 9mm that a "steampunk" era zelda could be very interesting.

Metroid - why dont they just say they want to play resident evil with samus... want to make it a little scarier fine, but dont slow the pace down to a RE sytle game.

Star Fox - want to add more people online, great. but please keep everyone in their vehicles.

Pokemon - this is the only good idea I think they had and I actually think its a really good one. with nintendo's new Pay to Play ideas this would fit right in and would make them a ton of money. plus has the potential to be really good.

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