Top 10 Xbox Games

About writes: "The Xbox has a lot of great games, but here are our picks for the ten best".

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Harry1903965d ago

some kind of ad?many multi platforms on this one.
still quality titles though.

Fade_Walker3964d ago

Half Life 2 for Xbox!?!? No, god that was a horrible idea to put on the Xbox and it surely doesn't deserve to be on any original Xbox top ten

Halo 2 was great, but the first Halo was still better (when it comes to single player story)

But I do agree with KOTOR #1...but not everyone else will

vitz33964d ago

Agreed. This list is bogus. There's only 4 actual exclusives on it and yes Halo 1 was superior. The guns didn't sound like muted popcorn popping.


They put that piece of n00b Illuminati sh1t Halo 2 on that list but not the masterful Halo 1? What a piece of sh1t. But I do agree with KotoR being 1.

Phil Harrison Mk43964d ago there 10 good games on the xBox!!! ;-D

LaChance3964d ago

best game on xbox with Shenmue and Ninja Gaiden.

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