Screenshots suggest Diablo III coming to Xbox 360

Xbigy Games writes: latest batch of screenshots for Diablo III’s console release have all but confirmed that the dungeon crawler will be coming to Xbox 360.

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josephayal2033d ago

It will be on the Xbox brand, if not 360, definitely the Next Xbox

DudeJets2033d ago

Only if Microsoft lift some of there development restrictions

kreate2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Im sure they'll make a exception for blizzard.

But the 360 doesnt use mouse? To my understanding.

blitz06232033d ago

Well since D3 is originally an online-only game, it would make sense that it would come to the 720, regardless if the 720 will really force online or not since Blizzard is making both versions anyway

EVILDEAD3602033d ago

That's great news for 360 gamers as Diablo 3 would have been a no/brainer success over Xbox Live.

What devs did was utilize Sony's night to push Sony, but it's clear that a huge part of the big games were actually multi-plats.


BlackTar1872033d ago

At least your hoping with everything you got right lol.

EVILDEAD3602033d ago

'At least your hoping with everything you got right lol'

Not at all.

If it doesn't show up on the 360, which it now seems like it probably will, then I'll play it on my PS3. Simple as that.


IcicleTrepan2033d ago

How do you figure that when the PC version is also on a single DVD.


La noire is one dvd on pc and how many on time come up with something better

IcicleTrepan2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )


La Noire was on 3 discs on Xbox and one FULL Blu Ray disc on PS3. So again I ask. Where do you get that Diablo 3 will have 6 DVDs on xbox? You just made it up because you thought you were funny, but you weren't.

testerg352033d ago

Cptn, so you're saying they compressed the hell out of the PC version to make it fit on 1 DVD? So either its one ugly game or there's a lot missing from the PC version?

IcicleTrepan2033d ago

@CPTN MITCHELL also you are incorrect. The PC version is on at least 2 discs. next time use google to see if what you're saying is true before you say it.

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CalvinKlein2033d ago

diablo 3 on ps3 = 20 min mandatory install hahahahahaha.

kreate2032d ago

i know ur trying to be funny but on a serious note, the install might take like 30-45 mins plus another 20 mins of update installs on a ps3.

i dont know how they're going to do this on a 360 unless the install is also mandatory and not optional since a single dvd probably wont work for diablo3.

swapping disk in and out for a game like diablo would be annoying.

maniacmayhem2026d ago

It must suck when a trolling joke falls flat on its face.

Better luck next time kiddo.

Jazz41082033d ago

Diablo on ps3 means 15 hours of partial install and 40 gig needed space lol. Or maybe that was just a patch.

MasterCornholio2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Which is why i will get the 1080P 60FPS PS4 version with no load times.


Im going to use the share function to post videos of my epic boss fights in the game or when i come across some crazy loot.

SleazyChimp2033d ago

No, not really. Jazz got Cornhole to admit that what he said was true by stating they would have to buy a new console to avoid said problems. That's not black tar your stepping in, its TROLL JIZ!


Don't hate cause ps3 can have the game on one blu ray.disc compare to xbox old dvd format

SDF Repellent2033d ago

I might this give this one a try on the Next Box. Glad Blizzard is also onboard with the xbox brand.

kostchtchie_2033d ago

d3 will be on both MS & Sony consoles, they will both have offline & online and not will not be connected to, couple people went on about MS Live restrictions, it will not matter as blizzard already said the console version is separate from, meaning it will just be another regular game that uses online matchmaking

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