BioWare on Sex, Games and Piracy

Never being one to leave the PC gamer crowd behind, BioWare is currently working on a much-anticipated PC version of Mass Effect that's slated to arrive in May. BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka (CEO) and Greg Zeschuk (president) spoke with Tom's Games at GDC 2008 and discussed the making of Mass Effect for the PC, as well as their response to the recent sex scene controversy at Fox News. Muzyka and Zeschuk also talked about the evolving PC gaming market ("We're not going to drop the platform," Muzyka said.), how BioWare is grappling with piracy, and what projects the developer has lined up next.

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InYourMom3966d ago

"It was always in the back of our mind, but it wasn't a firm idea until late in the development. And really, it's only crystallized in the last few months, which is why we've been able to take the feedback for the 360 version and figure out what we wanted to change in terms of the interface and optimizing the experience."

Well thank you BioWare for using the 360 as your beta test. How about you take the feedback you got from the 360 version and FIX THE DAMN 360 VERSION!

The horrible texture pop-in is the worst I've seen in any game since Oblivion.

I love the game and it's great but the technical problems in it are an embarrassment to the platform. Does MS really want the reputation that games on the 360 are inferior and it's better to just wait whenever they release a game because it will come out on the PC within a year?