Sony's mylo 2: No Match for Apple's iTouch

It's a sight that anyone who has recently been to Tokyo can't miss: Japanese mobile-phone users fixated on their handsets' tiny screens. Take a closer look and you will see that they're furiously tapping out e-mails, playing video games, listening to music or podcasts, watching TV, updating blogs, or searching the Internet. It hardly seems to matter that they have just 13 keys to surf the Web.

The Good: Touchscreen and larger display make this more fun to use than the first-generation mylo; ability to download podcasts and use Skype a plus

The Bad: Web sites load too slowly, in some cases not at all; no full-length movie or TV download service

The Bottom Line: Better than the first mylo, but I'll stick with my mobile phone for now.

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decapitator3926d ago

Man, guess I will be stuck with my first mylo after all. I was really looking forward to this. Damn.>:(

undacovabrothe3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

Make the psp 2 a phone not really hard to do just make a slot that pulls down with a text pad and dont really have to hurt the design of the psp. Psp has firmware updates online connectivity with ps3 and be cool if they added in a built in camera. That be really a great seller for sony if they havent considered it I wonder who is the bright guy making the decisions.

Also they dont even have to make the phone part a requirement to get it like you can buy it but have a service that you can put your sim card into the psp and use it as a phone.

jaja14343925d ago

Perhaps because no one wants to carry around a phone of that size, let alone hold the thing up to your head?

season0073925d ago

i am not quite sure about the specification this mylo 2 use is it 3g? or talking about wifi?

ktchong3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

Seriously, I wouldn't want to be caught dead with one of those ugly things. Just look at how uncool and geeky the design of that Mylo thing is. Just look at it!

It's like carrying one of those cheap Chinese ripoffs with you so everyone can see just how tasteless and clueless you are. There's a STIGMA attached to people who carry a Zune or Mylo with them. The cool kids want an iPod and iPhone, not a "Mylo".

gonzopia3925d ago

"The Apple lemmings want an iPod and iPhone."

There, I fixed it for you.

jaja14343925d ago

Yes buy an iPod for 5 times the cost of some other mp3 player that has the exact same functionality.

season0073925d ago

iphone/ipod wannabe, the same product with different sizes and not much of a different in functionality...i can't believe they actually call iphone/ipod touch two products..more like iphone and iphone-phone...

i hate apple product, don't ask me only basis is that they are all over-charged thing with not much functionality....and target for Americans..........

DonSqueak3925d ago

Apple haters in dire need of arguments... It never ceases to amaze me how people can get so against something just because they don't see the use of it, how they constantly attack others who do nothing else but claim that in their eyes things like over-all design and usability matter more than sheer numbers of features.
And for the prize-argument: If you consider the re-sell value of an iPod over all the other devices you end up actually paying the same or sometimes less for what CAN be a superior experience. For me it is, as well as for millions of others (just check the customer satisfaction ratings of apple products as opposed to other cellphone makers').
Well, whatever, less hate people. Cheers.

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PS3n3603925d ago

I like my ipod touch but i think this would have more potential for doing more stuff with. as long as its small enough and doesnt feel flimsy. these will sell well in japan.

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