MSNBC: Lost Odyssey is a deep, engrossing tale

Despite small annoyances, "Lost Odyssey" pulls you in with its emotionally compelling storyline and characters. It fully justifies its $60 price tag with an epic, four-disk, 50-60 hour-long experience. And "Lost Odyssey" will consistently challenge you with the question of whether immortality is the greatest blessing a person could receive - or the worst curse imaginable.

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Silellak3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

I really wish I could trust a review of a Microsoft exclusive from a Microsoft-run website, but for some reason, I just don't buy it.

Not saying Lost Odyssey sucks, mind you. I've yet to play it, though I certainly want to. But this headline may as well read:

"Microsoft: Microsoft exclusive kicks ass. Buy it. Love, Microsoft."

InYourMom3964d ago

MSNBC rip into games that are exclusive to the 360. I've also seen articles questioning MS's console strategy and praising the PS3.

You can keep your tinfoil hat on, but I've played the game and I agree with this review.

Actually, I'm still playing the game but have got probably 10-15 hours into it.

skynidas3964d ago

Interesting a review from a internet site owned by Microsoft for a game published by Microsoft

Mr Marbles3964d ago

who owns the site, Lost Odyssey was awesome.

kewlkat0073963d ago

You def get your money's worth on this 80hr+ game...