GT5 Car of the Day - 2000 Clio Renault Sport V6 24V

IGN writes: "When it comes to racing games, the cars are the star of the show. This is no more true than with the Gran Turismo franchise. Polyphony Digital's adherence to realism is unparalleled, giving you the closest thing to sitting behind the wheel of the real cars this side of a test drive".

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Antan3963d ago

Test drive? This is a feature not in the Jap version, so a nice little bonus there.

Genki3963d ago

They've released way too many shots of this game, and they've shown zero progression so far. Stop releasing screens unless they're from advanced builds of the game. Most of us have the demo, most of us have seen videos, and EVERYONE under the sun has seen the 10,000 screens of the same regurgitated sh*t around the net.

I love Gran Turismo, but enough is enough. There is indeed such a thing as oversaturation.

level 3603963d ago

It's because the build-up to the release of the game is almost upon us 'mate.

So if you can endure another month of this barrage, just lay-off any GranTurismo issues.

And let a lot of us to enjoy more in-coming clips and screens.

spandexxking3962d ago

a month? its released just over two weeks away! 28 march

level 3603962d ago

It was changed again, think they said it was around 2nd week of April now...