What Could The Playstation 4 Mean For MMO Gaming?

The PS4 was arguably one of the most anticipated announcements in gaming history, and Sony did not disappoint. Showcasing a number of potential new titles, Cloud streaming technology, and a rather impressive looking control pad; they've impressed the console fans multiple times over. However, is there anything for us MMORPG game fans to look forward to? Something to get excited about?

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sherimae24132692d ago

would could? hmmmm....

well ps4 for sure will have its MMO games ^_^

JoGam2692d ago

Woulda, coulda, shoulda...

title need fixing.

Well I need to get more in to MMOs

Army_of_Darkness2691d ago

Cause MMO's are boring and all look and play the same.... Boo.

CaptainCamper2692d ago

Fixed thanks :D

I would really love to see PC/Console cross play in the next generation.

clintagious6502691d ago

Well this was my problem with the ps3 playing DC Universe Online. Great game and had alot of potential but the lack of memory in the ps3 led to lag here & there especially when alot of users were in the same area. This is why im glad sony went with 8gb GDDR because now they can have more mmo's without having that much problems with loading times, lag etc etc. Its a huge reason why im really amped for the ps4 & also home will benefit from the ps4 aswell. I cant wait to grab me one at launch.

Skips2691d ago

Planetside 2 for PS4...

Make it happen Sony.

supraking9512691d ago

microsoft should...nvm they wont

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The story is too old to be commented.