Ethan Albright Strikes Back

What do you do when John Madden ranks you as the overall worst player in the latest installment of the popular Madden series? You fight back.

Or at least that's what some guy pretending to be Redskins longsnapper Ethan Albright did. This fake letter makes for a very amusing read.

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kmis875889d ago (Edited 5889d ago )

Come on, did no one else find this funny?

Tut5889d ago

hahahahahahahahahaha! That had me laughing pretty hard! hahahaha!

Ravenator5295888d ago

The problem is that no one bothers to read anything but the flamebait!

I loved it!

kmis875888d ago

I can't believe people voted this lame. I couldn't stop laughing when I read it.