Newsweek: The Cory Barlog Interview, Part I

Newsweek writes: "We first met Cory Barlog in 2005, just before the original God of War was set to arrive in stores back in 2005. We discussed how his role as lead animator on the original game had grown to the point where he'd been tapped to fill David Jaffe's shoes by serving as the director of the inevitable sequel. And after he knocked God of War II out of the park, we were eager to see what he would do with a potential God of War III on the Playstation 3.

So it came as something of a shock last November when we got a call from a source informing us not only that Barlog would soon announce his departure from Sony Computer Entertainment, but that he would be working with veteran film writer-director-producer George Miller--best known for the "Mad Max" series of movies that starred Mel Gibson--on some videogame projects.

First is our Q&A with Barlog, in which he remains tight-lipped about precisely what he and his new partner's first game would be, but goes into great detail about why he felt he had to leave Sony Computer Entertainment. Next up is our conversation with Miller, who gave up the goods and explained why he's become fascinated with videogames. And finally, we'll publish Newsweek follow-up with Barlog, who, freed of the burden of secrecy, provided some terrific insights into how he plans to approach his first post-Sony project. Strap in, sit tight and enjoy."

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sonarus3966d ago

glad to know the story was already done and at least he got to see where the game was heading. Hopefully change of management didn't affect the game too much. I would really hate to see this game start to fall off. This series is too good for that. It will happen inevitably if they continue releasing sequels every two yrs. They have to find a way to expand it into other dimensions. Possibly offer downloadable content and maybe even multiplayer.

Cyrus3653966d ago

I'm interested in finding out what he's working on, and will it be multi plat? Console exclusive to some system, etc.