How Do You Feel About There Being No GTA IV Episodic Content for PS3?

Onaxis writes: "We want to know, how do you feel about the PlayStation 3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV not receiving the downloadable content that the Xbox 360 will be receiving. Microsoft previously mentioned the two downloadable episodic content they payed Rockstar $50 million to receive will equal the size of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and San Andreas".

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crunchie1013969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

I feel that Episodic content makes much more sense on PS3, because of the standard HDD, and as a PS3 owner, it annoys me.

Fortunately I'm also a 360 owner, so personally, no real harm done.

masterg3968d ago

I have both consoles, but I'm still getting the PS3 version.
Call me old fashion but I want to support the company which has made this title what it is.

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Ghoul3968d ago

own both consoles

will get it for ps3

the 360 controller just feels wrong for gta dunno why

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barom3968d ago

although I think this kinda sux (episodic content not coming to PS3). I don't think it will affect me in any way.

I'm thinking the Episodic content might be like Vice City Stories or Liberty City Stories. Which is basically just more missions. Which is cool but I never bought those, so in that sense it doesn't affect me.

incogneato3968d ago

As a PS3 owner I honestly don't care about episodic content. Why would I pay money just to steal a few more cars or kill a few more people? Doesn't make sense to me.

I rather put that money towards a new game. I also wish developers would stop wasting time on this crap and instead work on a new game or sequel.

mikeslemonade3968d ago

I rather have no content if it means paying for it at $50 million. I'm glad SCE didn't waste there money on this. I rather have more real games than DL content. MS could have funded 2 or 3 exclusive games instead of a GTA investment.

RealityCheck3968d ago

I own all consoles but will be getting the PS3 version as I do with all multiplatform games. Sending the 360 out for repair is something I try to minimize.

JsonHenry3968d ago

I think this will happen in reverse later on down the road. And then it will be us 360 owners sitting on the sidelines.

Unless we own both consoles. : )

MURKERR3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

i feel sick as a dog

gta 3 made rockstar and that was due to ps2

money speaks louder though it seems

Daishi3968d ago

@ above^, it was also on the origanal xbox just at a later date. I think GTA III made PS2 not the other way around because all of my friends who own a PS2 got one for GTA III.

Pain3968d ago

"I feel that Episodic content makes much more sense on PS3, because of the standard HDD, and as a PS3 owner, it annoys me. "

-Cant say it beter. But Money talk BS walks.

"Fortunately I'm also a 360 owner, so personally, no real harm done."
- Not anymore so no lose.

NO_PUDding3968d ago

I like the idea of episodic content. It will come for PS3 in 2009.

Anyway, the reason I don't care is because it ISN'T the size of San Andreas that was speculation, and I also think if our consoles were switched and the best advantage about the 360 version was sixaxis, we'd hear about it.

So personally, I am damn excited at how GTA4 will use Sixaxis. I will have other games out by the time the DLC comes out.

LJWooly3968d ago

I wouldn't think that Microsoft would be stupid enough to release content as big ans San Andreas or Vice City, since most 360 owners only have the 20gb HDD or none at all. Not to mention that the system only leaves you 13gb to actually use.

Yeah, it'll probably more missions or extra clothes, vehicles, etc. Nothing massive, but still, a bonus, nonetheless.

Then again, you have to pay for it, so it's sort of even.

SlappyMcTaint3968d ago

Personally, I could give a fck about extra content. The GTA games are so huge anyway, I spend enough time trying to finish the core game -let alone extra content that I'd probably have to BUY anyway.

Thanks for funding PS3 development, M$, you ultimately helped the PS3 version with that $50mil paycheck.

At least I don't have to worry about my console RROD'ing while I play GTA 4 non-stop for months on end.

deeznuts3968d ago

Don't care. I have a PS3, GF has a 360. Won't be buying DLC either way.

Plus, Sony traded the DLC with Rockstar for two exclusive new IPs. I'll take those instead.

riskibusiness3968d ago

I will buy the xbox version for a few reasons. 1. It will arguably run better and look better( Past history of ports and the xbox was the lead platform). 2.Achievements. 3. DLC. It will be the better version even if 1. is not true. Now if the xbox version looks worse and runs worse then that could be enough to persuade me to run with the PS3 version.

dragunrising3968d ago

Where are your PS3 AND Xbox 360 gamer tags? I would like to know. It seems a little suspicious that everyone within the first ten comments either a) only have a PS3 gamer tag or b) don't have any gamer tag listed. Pathetic if you lie about something to state an obvious bias. I own a PS3, 360, Wii, PS2, PSP, and DS. My tags are all listed. I am still on the fence in regards to which version to get though I am leaning towards the 360 version. If the content is significant it might be worth getting for the xbox. Otherwise, I will get the game that has the better visuals and load times...which could be either console. Good thing I have choice. Its hard being biased when you own both consoles.
I assume I will get quite a few disagrees for stating my opinion. To his/her their own.

Sam Fisher3968d ago

my 360gamertag is Atmus07 (main) i have others if u want, and ps3 id is if u wanna check go ahead.....and ill still buy this 4 the 360 just b/c i want the FULL experience from the games i buy....SO hell yea im buying it 4 the 360 .....and maybe 4 the ps3 sum other time(just b/c i could do that)

jadenkorri3967d ago

well im getting the ps3 version cause i don;t have a 360. If i did have a 360 most likely i would get the 360 version...but MS is just trying to do what GTA 3 did for ps2 and make GTA 4 for 360...ps2 won the console war of that time cause of GTA 3, it wasn;t the main thing but it was a big stepping stone. MS paying 50 mill for extra content, i feel is gonna blow up in their face more than help them...I haven't seen any advertisements containing any variation of GTA 4 compared to ps3 version...And most people who i talk to are not even aware that their is extra content for the 360..."and i am informing them" who am i supporting lol?...And there is no difference between ps3 and 360 versions in the first place... i suspect a magnifying glass is gonna be used to compare both thou....but still for people who don't own a console may not be informed of this and still get the ps3 version cause thats were GTA started. Even still to my point, i don;t think anyone who owns a ps3 is gonna fork over $ 400 more for a 360 to play a game thats on the ps3....

poopface13967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

look how fanboys like to think that ps2 and sony made GTA3. Rockstar made an awsome game and I knew I had to get it when it came out. I already had a ps2 but after my friends saw GTA they started to get ps2s as well. Without each other neither company would have been as sucessful, but to think Rstar owes sony is completly stupid, its sony that owes rockstar for creating one of the main reasons to own a ps2. Now most here will try to say that the extra content is stupid cause they cant get it lol. If it was ps3 exclusive content we would be hearing how the ps3 is superior than 360, and not just the game but the actual ps3 and sony itself. I probaly wont even get the content if it costs money, but why do I care if microsoft spends a measly 50 mill on a game to get me extra content, ohhh wait thats a good thing.

Scerick3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

@ 1.18

PSN: Sceren
Live: Scerenity Now
Wii: To f$*(ing lazy to type out the number let alone try to remember it.

Oh, and I buy all multi-platform titles on my PS3. I don't care if Assassins Creed had x lighting over y lighting or 5 fps more ect. The games are still damn fun and still look damn beautiful and my PS3 hasn't given me one problem yet, while I'm on my third 360. However, I refused to buy any of the early EA titles due to the lazy development on the PS3.

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sonarus3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

not too concerned personally. Like i said if it was something big, msoft would announce it. Instead they leave it vague and open to get gamers excited. The funny thing is by the time DLC comes out 90% of gamers still wouldn't have finished the game

Keowrath3968d ago

EDIT: WTF!? this was a reply to 3.7?!

Truplaya3968d ago

incognito, the DL limit is for arcade titles. Some demos and DLC have been over 1GB. I remember one demo was 1.8GB. Sorry, this is further down, i clicked the wrong reply link

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Sev3969d ago

Mostly because GTA became famous because of the PlayStation brand.
RockStar should have stayed loyal. I know, I know, these companies make games to make money, and having a game multiplatform will guarantee more money. I guess I am the last of people who stay loyal.

Most likely the DLC wont be anything that amazing, and by the time it comes out I will have moved on to bigger and better things.

Not only that, I am sure that it is going to be an expensive add-on, not only cost wise, but expensive in hard disc space. 360 owners cant spare that.

All in all, it pisses me off. But if the 360 drops its price, I might just get one. Not for GTA DLC, but for Gears 2, and Bio Shock... I want to see what all the hoopla was about.

Silellak3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Company loyalty is a myth. No game company has any reason to be 'loyal' to Sony or Microsoft or Nintendo or anyone else. This is just like when people complained that Capcom had "betrayed" Sony.

GTA would've become famous on whatever platform it was released for - the fact the PS2 happened to be the console of choice at the moment GTA3 came out does not mean Rockstar suddenly needs to be loyal to Sony for anything.

They will go where they think the money is. This is why Squaresoft left Nintendo when the PS1 came out - because they couldn't make the game they wanted on the N64. Plain and simple.

If there was never a PS2, and GTA3 was released on the XBox and became a smash-hit there, would Rockstar then need to be loyal to Microsoft?

LastDance3968d ago

I doubt they would have sold anywhere near as many copies. maybe they never would have made enough revenue to make vice city. So yea i think they owe sony something.

Cicinho3968d ago

There job is too make games. This ain't some big war where everybody has to take sides. Microsoft payed 50m for there extra crap so if you want it that much go get an xbox and stop crying its only a game ffs.

I don't care about the dlc, if the online is as enjoyable as COD4 online then I will prob not even touch the single player. Had COD4 since November and still haven't tried single player yet.

masterg3968d ago

When someone offers you $50 mill for something that you normally would earn $5 mill on you take it.

MS should however had used the $50 mill on two super exclusive deals which the console so desperately needs in 2008.

Bubble Buddy3968d ago

I dunno, Insomniac and Naught Dog are pretty loyal, they can go multi platform anytime.

Gam713968d ago

Masterg the xbox does have exclusives this year, two more being announced today.

saying the 360 doesn't is a myth.

Sev3968d ago

Thats another reason why I fully support Insomniac and Naughty dog, and I have purchased everything they have put out thus far on the PS3.

darthv723968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

So if insomniac or ND wanted to release a game for the DS or Wii or 360 you would buy it too? I would just to see what the outcome would be. Especially naughty dog game on the wii.

@snorlax: technically both companies couldnt go multiplatform like you think. While they may be "indie" as they say, sony still gets first dibs on everything they make. So in that respect they may not be under the rules of sony's house but they do have to listen to what sony says. Just like MS and bungie.

Bungie is to MS what Insomniac is to Sony. First party b!thc3s livin a third party life.

Tyler Durden3967d ago

for loyalty or a publicity stunt but when they asked Free Radical why they made Haze ps3 exclusive they said "the PS3 needed some love"

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Spike473969d ago

about the extra content, does'nt mean though ps3 owners won't get EC, just not the same as MS.


Actually it does. The deal states that it's the only console with any DLC. Better luck next time.

LeonSKennedy4Life3968d ago

States nothing about selling them at retail stores though... :)

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Black_Jack3968d ago

u need to do some research mate, the rockstar representatives have already stated that there wil be more DLC for both console in 2009. I know you're hapy about the DLC on xbox360 but theres no need to make stuff up now is there?

supaflypriest13968d ago

i don't see microsoft paying 50 mil, for something that the PS3 would get over time, just doesn't make sense...what is the 50 mil for then??

Black_Jack3968d ago

most likely the exclusivity for the first say 8 - 12 months which is where the dlc will be most effective, i mean poeple won't be downloading the content as much a year later so ms's decision to pay now and get the dlc exclusive is smart imo and dont forget that the dlc has a price no doubt more than £5 so 9m copies sold through dlc is almost all their money back, i guess theres alot of factors that we as consumers would'nt understand, don't mistake this for a bashing attempt at ms or the dlc. It's been said that dlc will be on both console in 09 thats all.

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