The Eurogamer TV Show - Episode 1

EGTV tackles Tokyo and spars with Spain as PS3 and Xbox 360 experience their big moments on the world stage.

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Dante16348d ago

How many games does 1 need, Sony has loads of great games, as for MS i couldn't give a rats what they got because i'm not getting 1............................. .................

THAMMER16348d ago (Edited 6348d ago )

Are you lonely? Are you bored? Do you need a pick me up? Then try the PS3. For only $600.00 (equal to the price and feeling of a root canal) you can get the newest console from Sony. Forget the competitors because we at Sony have your brain. You do not even need it any more because we have been telling you for years it was ours since you were in pull ups. So relax and buy one of the buggy launch units that will not fix. We suggest you buy the warranty and wait until June 2007 for the retailers to replace it. Thank you for being the best Fan boys you can and defending us from the truth of the 360. We need you PS3 fan boys to stay strong in our last days of DOOM. Or you can get a 360 and play Doom on MK3 ultimate on XBL arcade. And by the way We here at Sony interactive love the 360 it is the main reason we cant get our stuff together around here, it is so d@mn fun. But we need you to buy our PS3 so we can afford new 360 games. Thank you.

P.S. Dante my post was unnecessary but its fun to drive you crazy though.

6348d ago
TheMART6348d ago

Dante1 I think you're on your way to two bubbles mate! And urm agreeing with yourself is LAME!

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power of Green 6348d ago

Did you read Pauls post?. Anyways Xbox games have always had more top notch complex and quality gameplay over it's competitors. Are you an child by any chance?, you should move along now please. Thank you.

TheMART6348d ago

Dante1 you're a poor poor fanboy.

Did you actually watch this video?

Sony got pwned on E3 and on TGS, MS delivered extra on X06. Watch all that goodness and hear some independent gamerreviewers saying 360 is delivering.

Or do you want to help Ken with the @home project for solving deseases (I think the project should help him think to say things that are actually true and can be done instead of lying).

Watch it, watch Bioshock, Gears and the rest and what THEY say:

360 is whiping the floor with PS3. And that's that. Period

The great 16348d ago

Considering this is commong from a fanboy point of view it means nothing, i mean what do you accomplish by talking trash about other competitors, it doesn't influence them one little bit, if someone's gonna buy a console they will buy it and to them it will have the best games, now I thk PS3 has better games ok, njow your with Xbox 360 which is fine, to you it will have better games that's why you got it, see where i'm going with this get off it, you will bash others for comming on here and supporting Sony, but you and some of the other fanboys are no better, if it were up to me i would have banned you a long time ago for being the stupidist fanboy on this site MART!

The great 16348d ago

Another thing, how the hell did Sony get wiped the floor with, you are a desperate fanboy who get's an orgasim at the slightest bit of Xbox news, what am i saying of course this is gonna feel this way to you i forgot you arer a brainwashed fanboy!

TheMART6348d ago

Have you even watched the video?

That's a quote. People from Eurogamer are saying that:

360 whiped the E3/TGS floor with PS3. I am just typing what they say mate.

Sony fanboys, first watch it, then reply instead of crying like little babies

lalaland6348d ago

That GoW is pretty standard gameplay and the Bioshock trailer isn't actually gameplay which might dissapoint a few people.

He also did emphasize that COD3 will be the game to look out for, and during that exact sentence of exiting games for X360 they showed a clip of Need for Speed Carbon -- both games are coming for PS3 as well. They even showed clips of Virtua Tennis 3 several times, which as you know is supposed to be in hires and with better graphics on PS3.

The apparent problem from Eurogamers point of view with the PS3 showing at TGS, was the lack of new game content and revelations compared to E3, and not necessarily the quality of the games at display.

Now, X360 will get some good games during the next six months (I will not debate that), but so will PS3 in my oppinion.

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The great 16348d ago

You are the only idiot here, stop having orgasims about video games it will make you go blind, there just games after all!

power of Green 6348d ago (Edited 6348d ago )

If this is too painfull for you to handle you should move on then.