Ars Technica Game Review: Lost Via Domus

Ars technica writes: "I'm secretly a huge fan of ABC's Lost; I'm addicted to it, and I can't help it. Hoping to get any insight I could into the plot, I found myself curious about Ubisoft's recently released ode to the show, the episode-driven adventure game Lost: Via Domus.

From the moment the game starts, the show's fans will instantly be at home. You start on the plane just before it crashes, and within moments, intrigue is afoot. Who are these men running around on the plan prior to the crash? Why did they rough up the flight attendant? Of course, before you can get an answer, the staple musical climax occurs and the screen cuts short as your character passes out: the black screen is then filled with the Lost logo and the eerie sounds of the show's opening credits."

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