Battlefield 4 posters and billboards show up at GDC

EA has been setting up Battlefield 4 posters and billboards at GDC in San Francisco.

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MooseWI2086d ago

I have high hopes honestly, I believe in DICE to bring the next best thing to the table. I really hope this doesn't look like Battlefield 3 DLC. More competition pushes the market!

secretcode2086d ago

As much as I loathe EA as a company, DICE normally does extremely solid work. I have faith in them to do their best possible job.

Only for EA to screw it up somehow.

MooseWI2086d ago

The bad part about Battlefield is that it is locked down by EA, forced to use Origin which has proven to be a bugged and not full platform, and the services of being published through EA has also been proven to be.. not up to par..

dirthurts2086d ago

Origin hasn't spoiled my fun in the game one bit.

Cam9772086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

I can already tell that this is going to be a **** BF3.5 milk attempt; of course, it'll be aimed at the COD audience again. "Prepare 4 Battle?" Are you ******* kidding me? What are we, 12? Oh wait, COD gamers are - BF4's obvious target audience. BF shouldn't even be released every 2 years because it's such a big game.

Hey, not that I care this game will suck. I gave up with BF3 after they practically told non-Premium subscribers to **** themselves by advertising in game, giving them queue priority and removing double XP from normal users; the main attraction after one reaches higher levels.

I bet this was some forceful BS inflicted by the money-hungry fat cats at EA. **** you EA.
I hate what gaming has become to some companies.

secretcode2086d ago

Can someone translate this for me?

talisker2086d ago

"Hate, hate, hate, hate"

Eldyraen2086d ago

*Translation: "I hate EA"

BLow2086d ago

Derka...derka...derk...derk... lol. I thinks he's upset or something. Just a guess..haha

spaceg0st2086d ago

translation.... "wah wah wah wah, i'm gonna go play halo" Could you sound any more like a tool? GO sit in your corner and cry in peace.

oof462086d ago

If Battlefield 4 is to Battlefield 3 what Bad Company 2 was to Bad Company 1, we're in for a treat.

nthstew2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

stop wasting unnecessary money on billboards and use money to make the single player campaign atleast 12hrs long...:)

Half-Mafia2086d ago

Any live stream of this?

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