Does It Hold Up? - Quake

Adam Blue and Mortal Moxie from Immortal Machines sat down for a time with the first Quake. Adam had played the game back in the day, Moxie had not.

The idea behind these features is to get a feeling for whether nostalgia can put blinders on us. Another is whether it is worth a gamer's time to play. We all see OGs mocking people new to games. Others often decry love of Halo as just indicative that the person in the Spartan Gestapo is an ignorant sap without the benefit of the glory of Dark Forces, Half-Life, Doom II in their personal history.

But as Jeremy Parish has said, is it the syrupy taint of nostalgia that makes us feel so? Is there something more than some masturbatory exercise in "game literacy" to play these so called classics. Are these games fun, engaging, and worth your money/time? Sit back and see.

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