RipTide Licenses Lair Soundtrack

Gamedaily.Biz reports that RipTide Music announced today that it will represent the soundtrack for the game Lair. The score was composed by John Debney, who was nominated for an Oscar for his work on The Passion of the Christ. Lair's soundtrack and other aesthetic elements of the game were well received by critics last year, even though the overall gameplay and control scheme were not.

"Riptide Music is uniquely positioned to deliver our music to television, movie trailers and advertising in a way that will separate it from the pack," said Chuck Doud, Director of Music for SCEA. "The videogame industry is producing some of the best, unique and most exciting music out there, and is a perfect companion to compliment other media."

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mrpotter3970d ago

IMO at least.... when is the patch coming.

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