Hands-on with Nyko's Zero controller by PS3Fanboy

PS3Fanboy writes: "Nyko's Zero controller beats Sony's DualShock 3 to the US market. Unlike any other third party controller out there, Nyko's Zero features both tilt and rumble functionality. We received our test unit today, and found it satisfactory. For the impatient that need rumble now (and don't want to bother importing a DualShock), the Zero will undeniably satisfy. However, there are a number of flaws in its design that make it hard to recommend whole-heartedly".

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NegativeCreepWA3970d ago

I need 360 look a like, with rumble. For shooters.

level 3603969d ago

I already have a DualShock3, but I'll still give this one a try even with a few negative comments.

Might use it as extra control pads when friends come along.

I actually like that it's the same size as the XBox 360's ( which I also have ), think it suits more average size "adult" hands.
Plus the L2/R2 triggers are in the right ( concave ) position, deep analogue triggers are a plus for no slippage.

level 3603969d ago

Meant L3/R3 deep analogue sticks for no slippage.