April 2013 PlayStation 3 & PS Vita Release Dates in North America and Europe

After the crazy busy month of March, April seems a lot tamer by comparison. It still features a few good games to spend your money though, such as Defiance, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Dead Island: Riptide, with the PlayStation Vita only getting a handful of releases, but one of them is Soul Sacrifice.

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TrendyGamers3994d ago

There's a few games I'll be getting but April is probably going to be a catch up month for me.

Sev3994d ago

Yeah, I didn't have time to play Tomb Raider or Bioshock, so I'll use April to play those, too.

TrendyGamers3994d ago

I've got those and I'll probably put some time into Crysis 3 and a couple other ones too.

Apollosupreme3994d ago

*Yawn* Luckily I just got Disgaea 3 for free as a 99% happy PS+ subscriber.

Sev3994d ago

I think the main one I'm getting is Injustice. I'll buy anything NetherRealm produces.

knifefight3994d ago

There's a game called Nun Attack? Must investigate....

3994d ago
xursz3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

A few good things next month...

DD:DA, Soul Sac, Guacamelee, and TWA so far.

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darthv72108d ago

Grandia, Klonoa, and Parappa... NICE!

MrBaskerville108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

Grandia is especially nice, as I don't think it's available on psn atm. Wonder if it's a psx port or the Switch version.

If they didn't despise ps2, they could have added Grandia 2-3 as well.

shinoff2183107d ago

It's not a despise. Far as I've read their working on better emulation. It'll come.

LG_Fox_Brazil108d ago


StormSnooper107d ago

Is it good? I never played that.

crazyCoconuts108d ago

Been thinking of getting Teardown on Steam for Steam Deck play. Heard a lot of great reviews for it.

MrBeatdown107d ago

Played the first half hour last night. All I did was wreck a building but what a blast.

Elda108d ago

Nothing of interest for me. My sub is up in 2 weeks & I'll go with Essentials only for cloud saves & online. Having Extra or Premium is a waste for me seeing most games that land on the service are old that I've played already or old games I never had any interest in playing.

crazyCoconuts108d ago

Respect your opinion, just pointing out that Teardown is a Day One Extra release for PS, not an old game in this case. Gotham Knights last month was a year old.

Elda107d ago

I have no interest in Teardown. I bought & played Gotham Knights when it was first released in October 2022. Every month I'm always buying the latest AAA or AA games when they first release to play on my PS5, the very reason why Extra & Premium is a waste of money for me.