How To Build A Bomb: Episode 2

In the second installment of the regular video series, How To Build A Bomb, we meet up with Ryan Davis and a get a tour of there barren office space

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skynidas3970d ago

Oh man is pretty good that jeff and ryan are back, i was just reading their reviews from burnout and army of two and i remembered the old good days of them working on gamespot...but actually i prefer that they launched their own site

Bill Gates3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

If you want a BOMB, you don't have to build one, just go out and buy a 360, take it home, and turn it on..........AAHHAHAHHHAHHAHAHA HA


Those two BABOONS have lost all gaming cred.

niall773970d ago

(here is hoping they change the name)

Tempist3970d ago

Lets hope DHS doesn't question them for their benign site name.

NO_PUDding3970d ago

"There" should be "their" in this article.