Levine Still On BioShock 2, AAA Rockstar Sequel In 2009, New Payne?

In its call with investors following its Q1 results, Take-Two execs confirmed that BioShock producer was still involved in the 2K Marin sequel, that 2009 would bring another sequel to a triple-A Rockstar game, and hinted at the possibility of a new Max Payne title as film production ramps up.

Asked why the BioShock IP had moved to 2K Marin, and whether Levine was still attached to the project, company CEO Ben Feder said that Levine was a "terrific asset to the company," and that he was working on both BioShock 2 and a different IP.

2K Boston and Australia were both working on a new title, he said, but that was "not to say Ken is not involved" in the continuation of the BioShock franchise.

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skynidas3970d ago

Ok levine still is the producer, but he is not the one that makes the game brilliant, the ones that make a game excellent, deep and interesting are the development team (programmers, designers and writers) so i think that it really doesnt matter if levine is still on the team because the ones that are important are the development team

sonarus3970d ago

My guess is, its the ps3 exclusive, the one thats not LA Noire

Oh never mind they said sequel...guess its max payne then

incogneato3970d ago

Agreed. Also Bioshock 2 better be a prequel. A sequel just won't cut it. It needs to keep the whole 50s theme. Without Rapture, the game would simply be generic and boring.

Daz3970d ago

PLz be a new max payne in 2009.

Captain Tuttle3970d ago

Apparently Levine's a real a-hole to work with.

heyheyhey3970d ago

could it be final confirmation for Red Dead Revolver 2?

or is it really Payne?

one thing is for certain- it isn't Table Tennis 2

maybe Bully 2? that would be cool

ruibing3970d ago

One of them, not La Noire, is suppose to be a PS3 exclusive. I hope they make Payne.

jackdoe3970d ago

Is Levine still directing the game? Also, if they are going to make a Max Payne 3, do not hand it out to nobodies. Give it to Remedy after they finish Alan Wake.

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The story is too old to be commented.