God of War II Director Cory Barlog Forms A Justice League of His Own With 'Mad Max' Writer-Director George Miller

When news broke last November that God of War II director Cory Barlog was leaving Sony Computer Entertainment with God of War III, everyone wanted to know what he planned to do next. Thanks to a well-placed source, Newsweek knew half of the story, which they can reveal to you exclusively today: he'll be working with the noted Australian film writer-director-producer George Miller -- the man behind such features as "The Witches of Eastwick," "Babe," "Happy Feet," and most notably of all, the "Mad Max" series of movies that starred Mel Gibson -- on one or more videogame projects.

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sonarus3970d ago

wats with all these god of war directors. Once they score with god of war they feel the need to leave and form their own studio.
That being said i am more worried than ever that gow is in good hands

Rikitatsu3970d ago

i mean which is more terrifying ?

seeing a horror movie ?

or playing through Penumbra ?

i would choose the latter

deeznuts3970d ago

Your point being? The excerpt mentioned they are working on videogame projects. So go back to "scaring" yourself with a video game.

Iamback3970d ago

Guy is crack head so who cares

Harry1903970d ago

in november.completely missed this.

Orange3970d ago

I'm confused... who came up with God of War? What was Jaffe's role here? Barlog seems to be taking an awful lot of credit for the ENTIRE series. Maybe he deserves it, but there's barely any mention of Jaffe. Who made who? He's getting a bit of an ego. And not in a funny way, like Jaffe.

HowarthsNJ3969d ago

They know what they want their game to be like and set other people (and their talents) to making it happen.

The game will only be as good as the director's vision for it and how well he communicates that vision to the people creating it.


Jaffe defines GoW then Barlog and the crew build it adding in their own ideas while remaining true to the original vision.

Barlog knows the world of GoW and takes over as director for the second game following a plot outline that Jaffe laid the foundations for in the first game.

Jaffe's concepts will be carried over to the third game along with Barlog's contributions and a new director will take over.

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