Additional episodic GTA IV content confirmed for 2009, PS3 possible

VG247 is reporting that Take-Two has confirmed that it will release extra episodic content for GTA IV in 2009. The news came in a just-released financial statement, which also carried first confirmation of the 2K Marin-developed Bioshock 2. No mention has been made of platform for the new content, while the 2008 DLC was specifically named as being for Xbox 360.

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sonarus3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

wait wait wait. are you saying if i bought the xbox360 version of GTA4 i would be eligible for GTA4 downloadable content in 2009?

oh ok never mind 360 content comes this yr.

mikeslemonade3965d ago

I'd be long done with this game. The way hardcore gamers move from game to game the downloadable content is almost not even a selling point. 2009 will offer much more better content than GTA4 has to deliver unless of course you don't have a PS3 by then.

LJWooly3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

I'm curious as to how big this downloadable content really is. I would assume it's just going to be a few missions or 'chapters', becuase if it's anything bigger, then everyone with the 20gb HDD (not to mention the system only leaves you about 13gb to use) will be more or less screwed for it.

sonarus3965d ago

the only game i have ever seriously played enough to want DLC 4months after release would be warhawk. If msoft isn't going to announce their DLC before GTA4 is released, my guess is that its nothing special

EZCheez3965d ago

GTA is about shooting pedestrians, killing hookers, sniping old ladies, stealing cars, driving tanks, having epic showdowns with cops, blowing sh*t up, and so much more. I can't remember any of the storyline concerning the older versions, but I do remember doing everything else I just mentioned.

So if it doesn't have anything more than extra storyline, no matter what console it comes out for, I don't think it's worth it.

LJWooly3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

You're right, that the reasons you just mentioned are what most people will be looking for in GTA.

However, I wouldn't downplay the DLC too much yet, just like I wouldn't get my hopes up about it too much. We just don't know as of yet.

It's more likely to be a new storyline than anything else, though. Especially when we consider the viability of a huge download, when the majority of the 360's userbase will have fairly limited storage space.

I'll give you a bubble, cos I'm nice :)

ElementX3965d ago

Sure it's good news because "PS3 is possible" what about all the ps3 fanboys saying "the game is 100 hours long already, nobody needs additional content?"

Lifendz3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

and if you are, good for you. Me, I played Vice City well into the next year. I was done with the Missions but I was just messing around with the police and driving around. This GTA sounds so deep that I think I'll be able to do all kinds of stuff for a long long time. I hope the extra content comes to PS3.

kewlkat0073965d ago

"The way hardcore gamers move from game to game the downloadable content is almost not even a selling point"

So you trying to say GTA series is a "Hardcores game" mostly?

A Hardcore's games don't over 10 million+ twice...

This sandbox of a game is aimed at Casuals. Pickup and play.

Nevers3965d ago

Microsoft's exclusive GTA4 content was disappointingly scheduled for release in 2009 (which seems a bit too long after release to me).

SO MY GUESS is this statement proly applies to other DLC that TakeTwo is making to go along with both platforms GTA4 release... which might release simultaneously but more likely after the 360 exclusive content. GTA4 is gonna be a huge cash cow for TT, Microsoft, and Sony for a long time and you can bet they'll want to keep money flowing in from both consoles users.

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LSDARBY3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

lol, thats not a very good reason to buy a 360 for it, is it? You will have some unknown downloadable content to buy in at least 10 months. lol. Lame.

kingOVsticks3965d ago

but the ignorant consumer won't know that the 360 version is better........a year later they will know from all the 360 promotions and what not that the full expericance is on the 360. You will see alot of commercials showing gta4 on the 360 saying "DLC COMING SOON for the real experience jump in"

LJWooly3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

I don't get where the "full experience" thing comes from... from what I've heard, the 360 will be getting something extra, not something taht was missing in the first place.

Therefore, seeing as GTA is a complete game on it's own, "full experience" isn't a very accurate term to use. "Better experience" would be a better term to promote the game.

Also, it sounds like you're pushing PR for Microsoft when you say something like "the FULL GTA experience will be on the 360", which is a wee bit sad...

mighty_douche3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Great news for those guy's who love to get every last bit complete and succeed where so many others failed in achieving the elusive "100%"

Me, I'll take a motorbike, some molotov c0cktails and I'm good to go!

Blademask3965d ago

You are kidding me? Thats the selling point that MS paid 50 million for?

I love GTA and all, but 2009 is 2009. I'm sure everyone will be willing to dust off their copies of GTA by then to play it. It would have made a bit more sense to release it earlier.

InYourMom3965d ago

"Previously in the statement, Feder had mentioned “episodic content for Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360″ as being cooked-in for the rest of 2008."

If 2009 has DLC I doubt anyone would care.

fenderputty3965d ago

2008 content comes to 360. 2009 content goes multi plat. Granted that's a year off but, do you think it won't sell? GTA is like Halo in those respects. People will lap it up regardless.

BTW ... I didn't disagree with you.

Daz3965d ago

Hope its more then missions. But if not it dont matter.

Breakfast3965d ago

Yeah. If its just extra missions rockstar should just keep it. Why would any want to buy extra missions an year later?