The first 10 minutes : Demo of Phantasy Star Universe

As you certainly know already, a demo of Phantasy Star Universe is available for a limited time on the Marketplace right now. Of course I HAD to do a video of this, and a few people from the french forum and even demi from angry-gamer joined me to record it. Another video from the very colorful planet level should follow tomorrow.
File: The first 10 minutes : Phantasy Star Universe (1280x720)

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FadeToBlack5897d ago

I played this game for like 20 minutes and i couldent beleive how horrible the graphics were for a 360 game. I realize that its a MMORPG but common they could have done better.

Schmitty075897d ago

But I am having a ton of fun playing this game!

killasssj4085897d ago

For some reason i cant get into the game it keep s making me retry and they keep disconnecting anybody lese got this problem...?

BeastfromdaEast065897d ago

It's because there is a limit to how many people the servers can hold, just for the demo though. When the game releases it will not have this problem.

unleash bass5897d ago (Edited 5897d ago )

The only re-view I can give this DEMO is sh1t. I've been trying to connect on to the server all weekend with no success. Absolutely crap!