BioWare: How We Can Improve The Side Quests For Mass Effect 2

Did you think that Mass Effect's side quests could be better? If so, then the guys who run BioWare agree that there is room for improvement.

They told MTV Multiplayer so at GDC.

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Daz3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

I think thes kind of developers that get the commuity involved are great.

EA should do this might get somewhere lol :)

supaflypriest13926d ago

I agree, Mass Effect 2 is going to be great, if they can make the side quests even better, we are in for a gem.

Lord Vader3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

"Bring down the sky" was really cool DLC, especially for 400 pt.s

The only thing I would have added would have been alittle more CG driven story background on the Batarians, other than reading the codex. (there was some & it was awesome!)

But again, it was a real nice uncharted world mission, probably the best one in the game actually. I hope they continue to give us these DLC installments until the release of ME2. Bioware Rulez.

Sidequests: I think first & foremost they should address the vehicles controls, that alone would make the uncharted worlds better. Adding more CG driven story at appropriate mission checkpoints would help to flesh out the side missions as well. Bioware definately has the talent & skill to make the next installment even better than the first.

HeartlesskizZ3925d ago

I haven't played the first one yet so I don't know what I would like on the new one but I have a question for you guys who played it already...

could this game be good online? maybe co-op? I was wondering about that...

anyways when I get a 360 again ill sure will buy this game =D

jaja14343925d ago

It's an RPG...
So I suppose Co-Op is possible, but very hard to do. And in any event I have always viewed RPG's as a single player thing.

ceedubya93925d ago

Online play would probably work really well with this game. Each person could be in charge of his own abilities instead of micro-managing his team's and tactics can be a group effort. I would actually love it if ME2 allowed online co-op.

Charlie26883925d ago

I think missions were pretty varied what I REALLY would want is different environments for the mission cuz that is what became pretty repetitive with the whole bunker or ship

another interesting thing would be side missions that would affect or create other side missions maybe even some that affect the main storyline

The Lazy One3925d ago

I got so tired of the stand in boxes that somehow appeared across the galaxy in every single sidequest. I just wish they put a little bit more into making each environment look more unique rather than a variant of a template.

jackdoe3925d ago

Side quests were fun, but I think one way to improve them is to make improvements in other areas of the game. Namely the map system.

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