OXM: Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review

Condemned 2 was designed to mess with your head, and boy, does it succeed. OXM are glad they got the chance to return to Metro City, but the old town has changed - in some ways for the better, but a little for the worse.

- Deeper, skill-rich melee system.
- Plenty of leap-out-of-your-chair scares.
- Inadequate ending makes the whole plot feel like filler.
- Did the newscaster know she was supposed to be acting?

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Daz3965d ago

The first was good, i rent this one thought.

Bazookajoe_833965d ago

But maybe in a month or two, i buy way to many games with ends with me eating noddles (Totally worth it)

The Closing3965d ago

Did they just let off a spoiler bomb?