Loot Ninja Review: MLB 08 The Show (PS2)

Loot Ninja writes: "We're well into Spring Training and this season's baseball games are making an impact, whether good or bad, on consoles around the country. If you still haven't made the jump to the PS3, Sony has your answer with MLB 08 The Show for the PS2. Does it hold it up to its big brother on the PS3? Here is a breakdown of some of the facets of MLB 08 The Show for the PS2:

Presentation and Graphics: The graphics in MLB 08 The Show for the PS2 are pretty good. Not as crisp as the HD graphics on the PS3, but still very respectable. Player models look good and facial mapping is nice for a PS2 title. Animations are done very well, something that translated from the consoles nicely. All of the unique batting stances and pitching mechanics from the PS3 version are present here on the PS2, which is great to see."

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