IGN: Civilization Revolution Preview

IGN writes: "When news first arrived that Sid Meier was bringing his legendary Civilization series to consoles, reactions were mixed. While the return of such a stand-out franchise was greeted with adulation, doubts remained as to whether such a hardcore turn-based strategy game could successfully make the leap from desktop to front room. Thankfully, our hands-on experience with Civilization Revolution's single-player campaign left us suitably impressed - but, with 2K now ready to unveil the game's multiplayer elements, how did this other, equally important, aspect fare?

Designed with an emphasis on quick-fire gameplay rather than the stodgy, intricately strategic approach adopted by its PC predecessors, Revolution's online battles prove to be the very definition of 'streamlined'. From the simple set-up options to the intelligent button configuration, this is easily the most instantly accessible Civ multiplayer experience to date."

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