Game Revolution: Patapon Review

Game Revolution writes: "Patapon is what happens when you stab LocoRoco with a skewer, marinate it in 2D Samurai Jack art sauce, cover it in exotic PaRappa The Rappa spice, flame-broil it with essence of eyeball, and then while it's hot, sprinkle grains of Katamari Damacy-style whimsy all over it. One "Chef's Special", coming right up! At first glance, the platter might make your dinner guests pause nervously, but they cried for something innovative and tasty, and well, you ran out of God of War: Head of Thompson

No one knows for sure how Interlink cooked up Patapon (let alone LocoRoco). A real-time strategy RPG with rhythm-based inputs and tribal dancing eyeballs is not something you just conjure up without a healthy dose of inhalants. With what can only be diagnosed as a deep God complex coupled with a repressed desire to learn African dance, you play as a deity that speaks through a set of war drums. The Patapon themselves refer to you as 'The Almighty'… finally, people who understand."

+ Innovative hybrid
+ Unique art style and music
+ Budget price, lasting value
+ Evokes empathy
+ Challenging and balanced

- Can't sacrifice individual units
- Touchy combo system
- No multiplayer

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Jeanne3964d ago

"Can't sacrifice individual units"

Yes you can. Each Patapon can be individually removed. Just select the unit and hit Retire.

"Touchy combo system"

There is nothing 'touchy' about the combo system. You drum to the beat. Stay on beat and the combos keep going everytime.

"No multiplayer"

This crap needs to stop. This the tiresome "I need at least three negatives" boilerplate garbage.

Another worthless game 'review'. Everything you need to know or want about Patapon(and every other game) is better gotten from the 'Official Game X' threads on various message boards.