Walkthrough of Stranglehold

Midway did this long great walkthrough video of Stranglehold, showing some great interesting stuff. The game will be released next year, so the wait will be long and painful.

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kmis875899d ago

It won't be that painful of a wait. There are plenty of games coming out in the meantime. Nice find, MART. That walkthrough is awesome.

CAPS LOCK5899d ago

that was cool and it is coming for ps3 aswell, midway did it this time. i hope they release a good mortal kombat game with about 100 players, the new ones were not as good as the classic ones.

General5898d ago

This video is from an older build, Maybe the E3 One, So this is gonna look better when its out ;)

PS360PCROCKS5898d ago

wow just wow I haven't seen anything about this yet this is like the Matrix X 10

Aass5898d ago

This game looks amazing. The slow motion is really freakin cool. I will keep close attention to this game.