Bioshock 2 Confirmed to be in Development

2K Marin developing BioShock 2

As part of its financial announcements today Take Two has confirmed that its new 2K Marin studio is developing a sequel to BioShock.

BioShock 2 is due for release towards the end of 2009.

2K Marin was founded by a number of former members of the 2K Boston team which developed the original BioShock.

Located in Novato, California, the new studio was originally announced as a hub for developing new IP, as well as co-developing products with other 2K studios around the world.


No platform has been announced. Bioshock was originally on PC and 360 however no plans have been made as to future consoles. One can assume that it will definitely be on 360 and PC, but to rule out PS3 based on "rumors" of exclusivity to the 360 is as smart as believing that the moon is made of cheese.

Fanboys FTL.

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LaChance3966d ago

That seems sooooooooo far.

HarryEtTubMan3966d ago

I bet this and Mass Effect come to PS3.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3966d ago

You wish Bioshock and Mass Effect would come to the PS3, BTW OXM has already said that the next Mass Effect will stay Xbox. Sorry, it sucks, but your a droid so you should be used to it.

Lord Vader3966d ago

Excellent news. I hope they consider a MP component this time around....

Breakfast3966d ago

Hopefully that doesnt water down the story and the single player though... Bioshock fell off on gameplay and story after you kill Andrew Ryan.

incogneato3966d ago

Multiplayer would be good to add some replayability. I wouldn't buy Bioshock without it.

I just really hope this game is a prequel. The 50s theme is essential to Bioshock. It would be cheesy and boring if it didn't take place in Rapture again.

ikiru33853966d ago

is this even coming out for ps3?

Cwalat3966d ago

that pretty much confirms there is indeed gonna be a PS3 version,
if not, then they are stupid putting this on 360 when MS will announce 720 soon.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3966d ago

How does "late 2009" confirm a PS3 version?

mikeslemonade3966d ago

Yep I will be playing this on PS3:)

skynidas3966d ago

the question is: is this coming for the ps3??
Because it seems that in the announcement, 2k said nothing about platforms so... maybe, maybe not