Naughty Dog comments on ‘The Last of Us’ for PS4

On Monday, March 25, Naughty Dog commented on the possibility of “The Last of Us” seeing release on the PS4.

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George Sears3473d ago

It's not really a bad idea. The game will launch a lot sooner than the PS4, so I'm pretty sure whoever wanted the game would had gotten it by that time. A summer launch for 2014 would be a nice addition to the PS4 library. Add some Director's Cut content and I'll get it for sure if they ever decide to do so.

NYC_Gamer3473d ago

I hope they would build the game from the ground up for PS4 instead of just porting over the PS3 version

sourav933473d ago

Well, since the PS3 and the PS4 have completely different architectures, it'll be really difficult to port it over to the PS4. The problems which occur in multiplatform game porting will most likely occur here. But we all know ND. They won't release a product until it's near perfect in their eyes, so even if they don't build it from the ground up for the PS4, it'll still be top notch.

IAmLee3473d ago

Its ND. Not capcom :') should imagine they would re-build instead of porting.

nypifisel3473d ago

It's not a question of porting as so - cause it will be in the sense with it using the same models and so on, they won't redo the game but they will rewrite it to fit the PS4 architecture. Probably with a few added goodies, otherwise it'll be pretty much the same. It's not financially feasible to redo the game from the ground up.

Philoctetes3473d ago

I'd be okay with a straight port under the circumstances. Rather have them do that and put the time saved toward a new title or DLC.

kingfetish173473d ago

They should focus on a sequel for the PS4. Keep TLoU on the PS3 only.

wastedcells3473d ago

Can't see them spending time rebuilding it for ps4.... Better off making a sequel. Unless they do a HD remake style approach.

N4g_null3473d ago

Ps3 code runs pretty easily on the ps4, you simply use the gpu instead of the spus. The cores in the gpu are a lot like spus but better they have their own cache, more bandwidth etc. which is why they went this route.

A delay may cause some problems yet if the ps4 is not going to play ps3 disk I don't want it on there. I'd rather get it on the ps4. I really hate tracking down old hardware. The ps4 could use the extra boost too.

Plus if they want to realize what they are trying to make I'd use that extra ram. I mean damn it's coming out this year why not!

Baka-akaB3473d ago

I dont think anyone should expect a complete rebuilding of the game , but enhanced resolutions textures and perfs along a few extras

masa20093473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

PS3 games are ported to the 360, which already has a different architecture from PS3.
No port is built from the ground up.

Even when a publisher tells you they have rebuilt an engine from the ground up for a new installment (like Skyrim), you can often see that's a huge hyperbole.
So the idea that they would redesign an entire game from scratch just for a port that will sell a couple millions at best given the install base of a new system... Dream on!
They didn't even bother to redo the few crappy looking film cutscenes that were done from PS2 in-engine models in the God of War HD remixes. I think that says it all.
At best, they will add a couple levels that had to be scratched from the PS3 version for lack of time, a few DLC MP maps from the PS3 version, bump a few textures and voila!

Starfox-173472d ago

Same treatment as all consoles at the start of their life cycle its a risk free way of building some momentum,so ports with extra polish and features will happen on ps4 end of.

Sandmano3469d ago

I hope they work on a sequel for it one the ps4 just as long as it doesn't delay uncharted 4 in any way!

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xHeavYx3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

I think I would rather prefer they spend their energy to bring an amazing and brand new PS4 title (either that or a new Uncharted)

jimbobwahey3473d ago

Well since The Last of Us will have already been made for PS3, I don't think it would take much energy and effort to port it to the PS4 since the game's already finished by then isn't it?

Or they could let some smaller company handle the port. Take the God of War collections on PS3 for example, they're great updates of the PS2 games and as far as I know, Sony let a smaller company handle the ports for them. The games turned out brilliantly!

Seeing the same treatment for The Last of Us (and maybe the Uncharted franchise?) would be fantastic! Same goes for God of War 3/Ascension as well.

Just port them over to PS4, render at 1080p/60fps and I'd happily buy them :D

masa20093473d ago

The point of these remakes is that it takes little time or energy to do and brings in a good chunk of cash.
So they won't be sacrificing much ressources, if Naughty Dog does it in house at all.

cleverusername3473d ago

Totally agree! A lot of people here begging to get double dipped!!

MysticStrummer3473d ago

Yeah it's not a bad idea, but a better one is to leave TLoU on PS3 as an amazing send off, then announce UC4 for PS4, then announce TLoU2 for PS4.

NastyLeftHook03473d ago

great. nd are the best developers in the entire world.

StrongMan3473d ago

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HammadTheBeast3473d ago

Sony Santa Monica too. And Quantic Dream.

SolidStoner3473d ago

Polyphony Digital anyone?

Why o why3473d ago

sony studio battle royale

..........its actually possible

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RankFTW3472d ago

CD Projekt RED are the best IMO.

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MrWonderful3473d ago

So does this mean I need to wait and see if it releases on PS4 before I get the PS3 version because im dying to play this game

sourav933473d ago

You get them on both. Then, the person in your display pic will be very happy.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx3473d ago

That would be awesome o_o Still getting the Ps3 version day one though.

Aclay3473d ago

I'd rather prefer the team at ND working on this game to get to work on a new project (which could be a sequel to Last of Us) than to spend time porting Last of Us to the PS4, and who knows how long it'll actually take to port it.

Maybe if Sony could source the same company that did the HD collections on PS3 to port the game to the PS4, then I'd definitely be fine with it. But if it's a case where Naughty Dog has to do the porting, I say No and move on to starting work on another brand new game for the PS4 than to spend unknown amounts of time and internal resources/manpower porting an upgraded version to an already great looking game on the PS3 that's already out.

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