Latest Xbox LIVE Activity

The latest Xbox LIVE activity for the week ending 3/03/2008 has been released, and unsurprisingly the top spots are dominated by Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3.

Guitar Hero III, Rock Band, and Gears of War snuck in at #3, #4, and #5

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1stKnighT3969d ago

I play both Halo 3 and COD4 pretty consistently and I always see Halo 3 have more players. Sometimes double the amount. I don't get where they get their numbers.

Lord Vader3969d ago

I agree. Im not a Halo MP fan, but apparently 75% of my xbl friend's list is, lol ! I see alot more ppl hitting Halo 3 than COD4.

darthv723968d ago

when is the next dashboard update planned? Spring has sprung so will it be a summer one?

hfaze3968d ago

You can pretty much officially call CoD4 a Halo killer... ;-)

CoD4 has been the top game on XBox Live for going on three months now. I know that I pretty much abandoned Halo 3 when CoD4 came out...

Shaka2K63968d ago

Shows xbots didnt had anything to play for 2007, they are still playing a game from 2006 lmao.

no wonder PS3 destroyed the xbug plsfixme now.

cow moolester3968d ago

I'm sorry but isn't isn't Resistance one of the most played PSN Titles?