Rumor: Crytek arming Crysis Warhead?

So what is Crysis Warhead? To begin with, it could be nothing. As the patent was filed by Crytek, and not Crysis publisher Electronic Arts, the German outfit may simply be protecting the name for some future potential use, similar to its patenting of Crysis Wars and World in Crysis in 2007, as noted by Trademork.

Bogus or not bogus?: Bogus that Crytek has announced Crysis Warhead as the title of any specific game. However, the trademarked title would fit for several projects, including a Crysis sequel or a console adaptation of the PC original.

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mighty_douche3963d ago

hmm... this is interesting! Should be listed in the console section's also, for all we know this could be a console game, we know they're playing with the idea.

Cwalat3963d ago

they keep teasing us with the news of a future Console game from them but damnit it will take long time before we get to see anything.

sonarus3963d ago

maybe this is the name of the console port.

m91058263963d ago

Sounds to me more like an application like Sandbox, maybe it's a streamlined particle editing program for the end user using their proprietary particle system?

m91058263963d ago

If you have no idea what I'm talking about I'd recommend checking out Crysis Sandbox and learning how particle systems in game engines work. I don't know, but Crysis Warhead sounds like an app more than a game to me.

[email protected]3963d ago

The console adaptation maybe...? or merely a expansion...? How knows anyway.

Charlie26883963d ago

or a cellphone game? those are pretty popular lately -_-

well this might not be any indication for anything in the near future cuz if you remember they also got names for other Crysis related games even before they finished the first one