50% of PlayStation 3 Owners Use Online Service

Sony shares some of its more interesting facts about the PlayStation Network

When it comes to online console gaming, Microsoft's Xbox Live is the undisputed leader. But not all games are on the Xbox 360, and Xbox Live isn't the only service in town. Sony's PlaySation Network is the foundation of PlayStation 3's online strategy, and unlike Xbox Live, it gives a great deal of control to the developer.

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mighty_douche5442d ago

I would of thought every PS3 owner with an internet connection would be online, FREE.

fenderputty5442d ago

of Digital Distribution would have us believe, I'm willing to bet half the people still don't have high speed access to internet. Some might not care as well.


I have no idea how factual these stats are but, apparently 40% of Americans have high speed of some kind. The rest are on Dial Up.

Nostradamus5442d ago

I had Heavenly sword, and Ratchet, and uncharted.

I couldnt get online, because they are all single player.

Thats probably one of the reasons its only at 50%. For online gaming, I stick to my 360, thats where all my friends are.

Now that I have Warhawk, Im on alot more.

deeznuts5442d ago (Edited 5442d ago )

Well, everyone with a ps3 with it connected is online for free, that's for sure.

I have two friends who haven't even connected their PS3 to the internet yet. There are still a lot of people who think of their console as a single player machine or offline multiplayer.

Also not everyone has a broadband connection, and even less have wifi or an ethernet connection next to their ps3.

Syko5442d ago


Same thing applies for the 360. It is free to get online and use the marketplace and limited chat functions. You just have to pay for multi-player. Still even with the free Silver account option 360 users sit at about 50% online too. Some people (sadly) might not even understand the online capabilities of their console. Worse yet some people still have dial up....More than you think too.

Hannah Montana5442d ago

"Recently, game developer Capcom has expressed mild grief over the 150MB limit size on Xbox Live Arcade for its upcoming Street Fighter II HD Remix and Bionic Commando Rearmed, stating that the Xbox 360 would run with lower resolution artwork than the PS3 version in order to accommodate Microsoft’s 150MB limit"

Where's inyourmum?

Cwalat5442d ago

man what are ppl up to ?

Its goddamn free and ppl wont make accounts ?

RecSpec5442d ago (Edited 5442d ago )

Everyone is talking about UT and Warhawk, but Sony really needs to push their PSN games to have multiplayer. I mean imagine if High Velocity Bowling or PixelJunk Monsters was online with voice chat, that would be sweet. Of course this number hopefully will go up when Home is released.

DJ5442d ago

Or just don't care about online gaming. The figure makes sense.

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Shaka2K65442d ago

70% of xbug 180 owners already have the RROD.

' ' Microsoft's Xbox Live is the undisputed leader. ' '

lmao xbox lagive sucks as,
i rather pay for PSN then get xbox lagive for free, xbots can keep that garbage overpriced service since they have such low standards.

Danja5442d ago

thought more ppl would have used the PSN since it's free..but 50% of the entire user pretty damn good...

Lucreto5442d ago

I don't play online often but I sometimes play Resistance. My PSN code is my user name for people who are interested. I have Unreal but my controller is damaged and the character keeps running off on me so I will wait until dual shock to play it.

Amagai Shuusuke5442d ago

PSN just needs those games that people get
addicted to online. Call of Duty 4 & UTIII are
good examples. But its the exclusive titles
that will really increase that percentage.
Metal Gear Online anyone?

Lucreto5442d ago

Metal Gear online will be good. I can imagine all the players running around wearing boxes.

Homicide5442d ago

Warhawk is a pretty good game. SOCOM needs to come out now!

Kojima touches kids5442d ago (Edited 5442d ago )

Metal Gear Online needs more thought. If I see a carboard box, i'm going to shoot it.

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Lord Vader5442d ago

Wow, that's pretty interesting with PSN being free...

Shadow Flare5442d ago

yeah it is interesting but not unexpected. Because it basically proves what everybody knows already, in that xbox 360 has the hardcore crowd and ps3 has a hardcore/ casual crowd. The fact that psn is free just shows that most ps3 owners don't care that much for online no matter how good it is

The Lazy One5442d ago

it has a hardcore/movie watching crowd, if that's what you mean.

LastDance5442d ago (Edited 5442d ago )

buying mediocre games from big game companies is not a good thing mate;)

PStriple7035442d ago

dat's wass up i play everyday!