PS3 Exclusive: New Heavy Rain Details Spilled, Lapped Up

While most of us in North America don't read the Dutch magazine Chief, one of our readers abroad pointed out that they'd run a major exclusive on upcoming Quantic Dream/Sony title Heavy Rain. (You know Quantic Dream as the company behind Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy, and you know Heavy Rain from my fanboy obsession).

Reader Saimon was kind enough to translate some of the more enticing statements about the title made by Quantic Dream's founder David Cage. And we were kind enough to copy and paste the translations after the jump.

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HarryEtTubMan3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Indigo prophecy was such a cutting edge game even for last generation. Another guaranteed hit on the PS3. Get ready to get about 20 AAA BOMBS dropped jealous BOTS.

On Graphics:
"People will be surprised. Internal (Sony's) feedback on graphics has been great. This is going to be a truly next-gen game. But still, we want to do something unique with the graphics, going beyond just making the most photorealistic world we can."

hahahhahahahahahhhahahahhahah a

mighty_douche3965d ago

Sound's amazing, I wont copy and paste any juicy bit's, just go and READ IT!

fenderputty3965d ago

can you send me them in a PM ... Kotaku is another gaming site that I can't view from work.

fenderputty3965d ago

Interesting indeed. 4 main character but the sotry revolves around a fathers love of his children. I wonder if the girl in the origional trailer will be in it. This game, 8 days and LA Noir are all on my radar. They're all about as secretive as KZ2 though. lol

Nice find!

Cwalat3965d ago

thats another great exclusive that will hurt 360..

The Wood3965d ago

ill agree with ya Cwalat. Indego P/Fahrenheit was a top notch game that was underexpose. This one should raise the bar further still

sonarus3965d ago

i dunno. Maybe i need to see it to get excited. However it looks like they are going for a more emotional game which should be nice to play. However no info there is particularly exciting

Cwalat3965d ago

The_wood - yepp, and if MS doesn't announce a 720 soon, i dont think MS fans will see this title.

sonarus - considering how he stated that they are going beyond photorealistic graphics should be enough for you doubters.

sonarus3965d ago

visuals aren't everything and i am not doubting. All i said was i would have preferred to see it than read it. From the sounds of it i doubt this will be an 08 release probably 09 which is fine considering ps3 fans have quite a few mega titles to keep us happy for 2008

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jwatt3965d ago

I wonder if the female from the Heavy Rain trailer will make an appearance in the game. It's a very different and unique way of story telling.

RadientFlux3965d ago

Some great info, with influx of adventure games on the wii and Heavy Rain it looks like adventure genre is making a comeback.

gonzopia3965d ago

The game looks mysteriously promising. I really like the title. It's reminiscent of the title of one of my favorite Bruce Sterling books - "Heavy Weather".